Training for Service

Right -2.25 SPH, -2.00 CYL, 146 AX
Left -1.75 SPH, -1.50 CYL, 148 AX
So which pair do you go with?

What is that all about? It’s all about a group of mission team members who were trained Monday evening on how to use an Auto-Refractor. Chris Thaxton, Licensed Optician from Physician’s Eye Center in Aiken, is shown here watching over Roxanne to be sure she understands all the nuances of measuring Kathy’s vision with the instrument. Rita Sewell, in the background, was able to locate the instrument and arrange for its loan so it will be taken to Quimistan this week. The team also will take many, many pairs of glasses donated by Lions Clubs, as well as many that were purchased and donated locally. People in Quimistan and surrounding communities will come to the clinic for vision testing by the trained team members, and will be fitted with appropriate corrective glasses.

While this is going on in the next couple of weeks, other team members can be helping in a community Vacation Bible School. Others may be installing bathroom fixtures in a nearby school. Others will probably assist in administering fluoridation treatments to hundreds of students. Still others will be talking with community leaders about how they are progressing on a program to identify and help support community scholars who need assistance to continue their education beyond high school. It’s all part of living out our faith, trying to bring help, hope, and God’s love to some folks who need a helping hand.

2 thoughts on “Training for Service

  1. You all are in our prayers. Please give our love to our friends in Quimistan. Traveling mercies,Holly at fpca


  2. Thinking about… your arrival in San Pedro Soula yesterday, the bus ride to Quimistan, settling in, reunions with our sisters and brothers in Christ, making new friends, Clemson (the cat) and Catalina (the dog)….. prayers ascend for you all.hugs all around,holly at fpca


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