We´re on a Roll Now!

The clinic is full this afternoon. Families have been coming in to get their eyes checked and to be fitted for glasses. Here´s a photo of Brittany and Charles (Kathy is hidden behind Brittany) as they were feverishly sorting and marking donated glasses this morning in preparation for this afternoon´s crowd. Maybe we´ll be able to show you later how the testing/fitting is going.

Incidentally, the timestamps on our posts may be a little confusing. I´m posting this at about 2:35 local time. I think the timestamp will show about 12:35.


One thought on “We´re on a Roll Now!

  1. You all continue to be held in prayer. I imagine this is another busy day in the clinic as well as for Vacation Bible School. Hard to believe it is Quimistan’s schools “summer vacation”.Grace and peace,Holly


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