It´s Still Okay here to touch!

It´s been gratifying to see that here, a teacher who loves her children is still allowed–even encouraged–to hug them. Do you think we´ve lost something in the U.S.? I think we face that danger.

This is the teacher at Jicaro School (also known as Republic of Venezuela School) with two of her students during the first day of Vacation Bible School there. This same teacher treated the visiting team to dinner the evening before.

In addition to being memorable due to a delicious meal, the evening was made even more memorable when the electricity went off a couple of times during dinner. Quick recovery with flashlights and candles gave a certain atmosphere we´ll look back on fondly. We even finished the evening with hugs all around.
Some things simply have no suitable substitute.

One thought on “It´s Still Okay here to touch!

  1. Allen,Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. The images of VBS are inspiring – the light of Christ spreading out from Quimistan into the surrounding area. Switching gears – is mail delivery (postal service) still considered unreliable? Are there addresses available for reliable delivery of items to any of the schools you have visited or to the compound there in Quimistan? Or does the Foundation prefer that all items be brought by them from participating churches? (I ask in the event that there is a project that any of our churches’ VBS undertakes to send items to children, such as soccer balls or something like that and there is no corresponding Foundation trip to get them down there.) It’s good to see that Clemson remains ever vigilant. Traveling mercies on your way home.With prayers of gratitude for the work you all have accomplished,holly


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