Monday, June 16, 2008

For those of you who may have doubted the wisdom of sending so many youth on this trip, doubt no more. They have proven themselves over and over again. Today was a hard work day, leveling the ground at La Casa de Los Muchachos with pickaxes and shovels, and lugging huge rocks to put in the trenches at the second site. There are no work shirkers here. As a matter of fact, we adults often have had to insist that the kids take a break and leave some work for the rest of us. They have wielded pickaxes, bent wire for rebar, and lugged rocks heavier than themselves (especially Marycruz). They have become dirtier in an hour than most teenagers get in a year, and have sweated buckets. They have endured the heat, the lack of fast food, and a dearth of appliances and electronics with absolutely no complaining. Their enthusiasm and energy have boosted us adults when we have run down.

They have interacted with the children at Agape as well as at the work sites with friendship and laughter. The language barrier has been no barrier for them. Actually, their command of Spanish has been immensely helpful to the team. Even those who don’t speak Spanish as well have had no problem communicating with the children, who latch onto our kids and want them to stay forever.

They have bonded with each other deeply. Although Rebecca and Sarah were strangers at first, they are strangers no longer, fitting in as if they were the missing pieces to our puzzle. The kids are considerate of each other’s feelings, laugh and tease and play, and have accepted the crazy idiosyncrasies of us all without being judgmental.

In sum, the teenagers on this team have added energy, enthusiasm, and excitement to this trip. Their conduct at work and at play has exemplified our Christian ideals. Parents, you should be proud of your children. I know I am.

Beth Eberhard

3 thoughts on “Monday, June 16, 2008

  1. Hey Mom, christa, mrs.barb…and everyone else who wants to know, I hope ya’ll are having a fantastic time down there. It sure sounds like you are. I got back from camp today and can’t wait to tell ya’ll about it. Please be safe and drink lots of water. I can’t wait for ya’ll to come back. I’ll pet Tembo for you. Lots of love. ~Annalise


  2. Youth workers are the best! I’m glad every one is working hard and having a great time. I’d like to see some more pictures of the older kids though.


  3. Hey, Barb, it’s Pattie Molen. You guys are doing great! Wish I was there too. Love you, Pattie


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