There is the sound of laughter and yawns in Quimistan tonight as a tired group is getting ready for bed. Our flight was on time, and we were greeted at the airport by Arturo and his wife Suyapa. Our first mode of transportation proved a little slow! We couldn’t figure out how to get all fifteen of us on the back of this wagon, so we opted for Arturo’s truck and a van made for eight. We squeezed in fifteen!

Our accommodations are great although we’ve decided to visit the local “Lowe’s” in the morning to purchase more fans! We will be up early for daily devotional followed by our first instructions of the day. Half of us will be constructing a classroom at Pinal, a rural village about 45 minutes from here. The rest of us will be doing fluoride treatments and giving de worming medications to local school children in neighboring villages. Can you say “Swallow and smile”??

We have already seen many friends and are anxious to meet more. Thank you all for supporting us and loving us in so many ways. Here’s to a great night’s sleep.

With gratitude for God’s provisions in getting us here safely,

Anne Buffington

4 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. Hey Janice, So happy to SEE you had a safe journey to your destination. I checked the blog first thing and there you were with kind of a smile, what have i done look on your face…lol.. I am keeping all of you in my prayers. Please dont forget to report your progress. Lowes? fans? do they have a Lowes there?


  2. Anne, thanks for the first note and photos. We will keep you in our prayers and anxiously await your daily updates.God’s blessings, Roxanne


  3. glad you all made it safely, I’ll be praying for you all to be a vessel that god will work through, for friendships, laughter, and no tummy troubles!!!!! can’t wait to read the next blog love you all Barb M.


  4. More pictures of Janice please!! Her sister misses her very much.Happy Birthday. Love….guess who


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