“Ruined” for the day

Hello, my brothers and sisters in Christ. This phrase was taken fairly lightly while I was at home. It was more like a phrase the church down the street would say rather than I would…but as I have lived among total strangers I have come to know my family does indeed include “those down the street”. Humility is hard to find in this day and time. It has been found here in Honduras. Until now, I haven’t seen true heartbreak. The heartbreak of a mother who is without hope and her children are now without hope. I haven’t seen starvation where the needs are not met unless someone takes a special interest in that hungry human being.

I actually haven’t seen much in Starkville either. I’ve been called out of my boat by Christ to come and see my family in a whole new way. I have been called out of my workplace to follow Christ into a world which is full of hope, love, joy, peace, and prosperity. I have had my hand held by Christ here, in this place, by the least little girl or boy at a local school who cannot talk to me, but looks at me with big brown eyes of sincere love and adoration. Why? Why would such light come from such a hot, “dark” place?

The Word of God and His son Jesus Christ.

In America, in Starkville, I spent hours upon hours driving my mother to the eye doctor in Jackson. How much time I wasted driving and sitting? God was depositing in me the ability to help those who cannot see. How you ask? God lifted me up out of a misery of vertigo here in Honduras and sent me to an eye clinic, a clinic with local people who needed help picking out glasses. How quickly I was able to help them…it was like I suddenly understood the purpose of all that time sitting and waiting. I had learned to serve others.

The team here is made up of the most wonderful disciples of Christ. Each one gives a talent which is beyond expectation of the others. Jim provides confidence in love and administration. She is able to walk around down here with the Holy Spirit trying to keep up with her. I’ve never seen anyone get about like that in such a hot place. Donna is the story teller. She keeps our minds stimulated and our hearts in order. She also takes a special interest in cleaning up,,,,(hehehe), but she is a joy to watch when she sees a child or adult she knows from here. Anne is the one responsible for taking Christ’s gifts from one land to another. She diligently keeps track of her packages. Fedex has nothing on Anne Buffington! When she is not delivering American Mail here, she tells the most delightful stories. Her version of a Christmas Carol just about caused me to buy a package of depends to wear here. Avent is the singer of the bunch. For anyone back home who cannot speak Spanish, Avent is the one who can teach you. Just ask her how to find and use the facilities at First Presbyterian Church. Callie has been our local horticulture specialist. We will see the most beautiful flower or plant and she informs us all about it. Callie has truly walked by faith here, leaving behind her child to come here to prepare school supplies for hundreds of other’s children. Speaking of school supplies, we have Emory. Emory has the leadership skill of being first in line to sort, stuff, organize, and prepare for others, as well as the ability to teach the local team members how to wait for true beauty. No matter what, she arrives “on time” and in perfect order. Our resident choir member, Marquita, has been called from her boat of life to come here and provide medical care for us and the community. She dispenses medicine and goes to look at a hospital available for use. Her skills are most useful when the team boys decide to rile up her maternal instincts. You have never seen a Mama Bear to compare! Finally, we have Ashlee, our “get Smart” member. She speaks Spanish. She plays soccer, which is the favorite game here. She works on the construction site. She enjoys passion fruit. She embraces life and inspires me to no end. Live it now is her motto.

Oh, the men, yes, let’s talk about them. You have RANDELL, the pastor of the bunch. If he’s not telling us little witticisms, he’s spreading the Gospel to all. Justine has caused all the local beauties to follow him in awe. He looks into their eyes and they just melt.
Jeff is the Bob Vila of the bunch. He has come down here with a mission of construction. He not only is able to tell a captivating story, but he is able to direct order where there is none. Andrew is the information technology (IT) specialist. If it weren’t for him, none of you or us would be able to “talk”. Andrew is the tallest member of our family here, but he watches out for those of us who can’t see what’s coming. He can speak Spanish and is able to help us “talk” in person, as well. Cameron, unfortunately, is the little brother here that the big brothers pick on. He will be glad to return home. He has learned the hard way that Vacation Bible School is nothing on these five brothers he has had to room with for over a week! Jack is what I call an intelligent comedian. I watch and wait for what he will say next. Just like Jerry Seinfeld, he picks up on the funniest things and when he speaks, it’s exactly on target. If Jack thought his parenting skills weren’t going to come in handy, just think about how living with the men who are the over grown teenagers I’ve just described. From what we have heard, their card games have supplied electricity for the local community for the next ten years!

The previous message was presented by the early morning member of the bunch. Now that the day has come to an end, I can add the field trip we bad boys and girls took to Copan. Our guides, Suyapa and Arturo sent us away for the day to see the Mayan Ruins. What am I to say about this is that God’s hand was near to us all. We were given the best tour of our lives. We stood at the base of statues hundreds of years old which were designed to remember those who had been here before. We stood at the base of temples used to celebrate life in ways we cannot imagine. We saw the local horticulture which provided trees for comfort from the sun and branches for the beautiful wild macaws. When God created the earth in six days and took a rest, he created special people who were intelligent and artistic to this day. In addition to this, the Lord blessed us with precious cloud cover, therefore, no sunburn or misery of heat today. Praise Him!

Well, that’s our family here. I hope you have a fresh outlook on your life, our life and God’s children from Starkville and Honduras! Adios

Janice Kinard

4 thoughts on ““Ruined” for the day

  1. Hello Janice and everyone…i so much enjoyed your post tonite..i stayed up specifically to check on each of you..I knew after reading the first sentence that it was a post from my sweetest friend in the entire world..Your descriptions of each of your travel mates and where God is using their strengths is a chill bump moment..Isnt it wonderful when Gods plan all falls into place. Take care each of you and May God Continue to Bless this mission…..cindy


  2. Janice, when I read the headline ‘ruined’, I thought oh no, what has been ruined now? I know that things rarely go as smoothly as we N.Americans plan but always according to God’s.What a relief when my almost(two days and yes, I am counting them) 50 year old brain realized the pun was on me and the Copan Ruin.May God continue to use and bless each of you as your days draw to a close. Your sister in Christ, Roxanne


  3. GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING IN PARADISE!!!Janice, after reading your post i left a quick comment. it was late and i have had time to reflect on your message..i sure hope there is enough room to do so. I enjoyed your post so very much. It thrills me to witness answered prayers. Your description reminds me of all that I prayed for. God put together the perfect group for His wonderful work. Jeff, thank you so much for appreciating my comments..that is my blessing..thank you all for sharing your experiences and the work you are doing. Two of my favorite things..Bob Villa “home again” and Sienfeld..How did I miss out?..hahaha..Janice, Quimistan could be in for a population explosion after your post..Take care everyone..You are all in my prayers constantly..cindy


  4. Hey Guys!!!Jack and I are home safely! We had a great flight and going to customs was a breeze! I miss y’all already! I hope y’alls day was fun, and hope everyone is feeling better! The trip was such a blessing. Thanks to each one of you for the impact you have made in my life, you each showed me Christ love in so many different ways these pasted couple of days. It was truly a joy.I am praying for the group, let me know how it’s going!I miss y’all dearly.I hope I can greet y’all Friday at the airport!Love,Avent


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