All Parts of the Body of Christ

Praise God that Jesus is Lord of All! The eleven Honduras Agape Foundation missionaries this week include five Presbyterians, three Baptists, two Methodists, and one Episcopalian priest partnering with Pentecostal Holiness pastors and other believers to share God’s love with the people of Honduras. As a first time “Missionary,” I am amazed and thrilled to see all that the HAF is working to accomplish here. HAF has improved schools, medical care, and homes for so many. God has blessed HAF with an incredible network of Honduran believers who have much love and faith, and lots of connections! There is a HAF office and a full-time Honduran volunteer in Quimistan, as well as local doctors, nurses, and a lawyer to help HAF with its mission in the area.

For all of you at home who financially support HAF and the AP students, I see your money being well spent to improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ephesians 4:4-6


One thought on “All Parts of the Body of Christ

  1. Claudia, thank you for your thoughts and the feelings they conveyed. You have encouraged many of us here at home who have served for years in this area. It is great to hear from a ‘newby’ who has fresh eyes to see things with excitement.Love to you all, Sam and Roxanne


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