A Job Well Done

Yesterday (Friday) I completed construction of the auto-refractor transit/storage case. It is configured to restrain the instrument inside the plywood box, having dimensions of 18” by 24” by 27” high.

The case is fashioned as a box fitting over the instrument, and its supporting nesting fixture that fastens to the base with locking devices. Handles are on all 4 sides for convenient handling.

This task had its frustrations, due to limited material and tools, but it was quite enjoyable to do something I don’t often do.


One thought on “A Job Well Done

  1. Way to go Lee–great job. I can even see the sheen on the surface of the top of the box. You must have put in a lot of hours engineering it! You will have helped the people to have visual sight as well as being able to see the love of Christ through your efforts there this week.God Bless.


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