The Desk Project

Back on day two as the team was reviewing the progress in Santa Clara, it became clear that the growth in the education program had created many new needs and opportunities to assure continuing success. The one that came immediately visible was the need for a teacher’s desk. After some discussion, we determined that we had the material to create a desk, and it could be done with spare time on this visit. I volunteered to get it started to make sure of our assumptions. By day eight we were able to provide a satisfactory desk. Upon reflection, this task surely had the imprimateur of God. The need was known, the material was on hand, we had a shop and tools, and the skill was here. So we did it. It is this kind of opportunity that keeps us happy in the business of showing God’s love.


2 thoughts on “The Desk Project

  1. Jim, as a former teacher I know what a wonderfulgift you have given this teacher. I was so amazed at the creativity of the teachers there and the realization of how blessed US teachers are.Glad to see Dane involved in so many activites.Praying for safe travel for the group.VannaBanna


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