Dia Diez – Final Thoughts & Reflections

Dia Diez – Final Thoughts & Reflections
It’s really all about the children!  Starting with the 7 first-graders at the White Dove School, the feeding of the children in Tejeras, the Sunday morning worship with Martha’s children on top of the hill, to the school children spitting out the fluoride liquid.  They are why I come and why I cry when I leave.  It really is all about the children!
What a great week!!  Randy, Karen, and I have been truly blessed by the children once again, and also our other Honduran friends who try so hard to make us at home.  We love being of service as Jesus has commanded us, but we also miss home – especially the snow.
At the end of the day, I am totally exhausted, both physically and mentally, but couldn’t feel better.  That pretty much sums it up for me.  God has blessed me beyond measure this week …. but I was disappointed to miss the snow.
Reflection on the work done and the folks that were hopefully helped did not lead me to a neat list that I could write home about. When one is counseling without counseling and instructing by asking questions, faith becomes operational. It seems that this is God’s way. Projects were launched and goals were agreed upon. Great expectations have begun.  And we were there. It seems that there is not a better use of our time.
What an upgrade from last year!  The dental clinic was air-conditioned. Everyone’s attitude was upbeat and encouraging.  Our goals were accomplished with God’s help.  It is sad to leave knowing so much more is needed, but I take comfort that God’s Plan will always be done.
I didn’t fully know what to expect when coming to Honduras this time.  I knew it wasn’t a construction trip, like my last, 5 years ago.  I really enjoyed getting out beyond Q’town and visiting some of the many villages the Foundation works with.  I also enjoyed playing Dental Tech.  Overall it was a fulfilling week and a half for both my physical and spiritual self.
“Blessed beyond measure” are the first words that come to my mind.  I am blessed by the privilege of bringing love and a better life to the wonderful people of Honduras, blessed through working with a great, untiring team, blessed by my family and friends at home, and thankful to almighty God whose Plan put this trip together and brought it to a successful conclusion.
…and God’s people said, “Amen!”