Back On The Busito

Back on the busito
After a few delays with luggage our 3 amigos were waiting for us outside of customs with the busito.  What a joy to see Maynor, Obed and Marco. 

All the 5 bags were loaded and off we went to pick up some meds at the pharmacy in San Pedro Sula.  After unloading our bags at Martha and Gary´s we headed off to the hospital to deliver the supplies donated by Aiken Regional and Cedar Creek Church.  Drs Turcios and Constantino gave us a warm welcome  and were delighted with the supplies.

More news tomorrow.  Ken and June

One thought on “Back On The Busito

  1. Glad you made it safely and that all the meds and supplies you brought are already helping the people of Honduras. Give Gissel my love and best wishes. Joan


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