A Visit with our Agape Promises College Students

Laura and Vilma are freshman in college and the first Agape Promises graduates to be sponsored for higher education.  School began in February and this was our first chance to sit down and get an update.  They are our role models as we seek to develop a program for future AP graduates. One of their subjects is English so we’re hoping the next meeting will be in English.  You can’t help but be enthusiastic about their future as you listen to them.

Ken and June

One thought on “A Visit with our Agape Promises College Students

  1. Jut super reports of outstanding progress. How I wish I could be there to assist in person. The Honduras Agape Foundation’s work is truly Christ centered and is doing the Lord’s work. Blessings to the mission travelers, their sponsors, and the great folks in Honduras.In ChristAlan


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