A Plan Has Come Together

There are great debates in Presbyterian Theologian circles about whether God sends the equipped or equips the sent.  Of course there are Biblical examples and modern day examples of both.  I have to say that I have never been on a Church Project before where I have had such an overwhelming feeling that this team was specifically constituted AND equipped for a “purpose” by God.

How by chance could we humans have put together the calm organizational skills of Allen; the group play skills of Larry, Dee-Dee, and Kay; the bubble and tattoo skills of Pat, Lorraine, and Betsy; the glasses fitting skills in the midst of uncertainty of Paul, Russell, and Francoise; and the behind the scenes exuberance of Sam?  This team was uniquely constituted to do a specific mission to the country and mountain villages of Honduras… And we are doing just what God expected.

What a blessing to all of us to be a part of such a uniquely constituted team, and to be given an opportunity to play a part in God’s great plan.  This did not happen by chance.  It could never have.  The odds are too great for such a convolution of people, talents, and needs.  The only answer I can see is that God , personally, has called us who are equipped AND equipped us who are called.  What fun it is to see “a plan come together.”


2 thoughts on “A Plan Has Come Together

  1. Thank you Paul,How beautifully put…and I am sure filled with His total discernment!It is so spirit lifting to be able to read the words you all write…to be a part even if not there.What you have portrayed is so our loving Lord’s miracle in motion…God Bless you and what you have shared…and for your being apart of all this as well.In Christ’s Love,Donna Marie


  2. Your words remind me so much of the verse I shared with Allen the other morning and he may have shared with the team in devotional time.Psalm 118:23 (New Living Translation)”This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous to see.”There is an old revival song “Look what the Lord has Done” which gives praise and glory to HIM as we humbly recognize that it is his Work.We share in the joy of that experience as you share it with us.Gail


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