A Special Delivery

Yesterday we made a special delivery to Siomara Zamora, the kindergarten teacher in La Montanita.  We all gathered in the school room around her as we invited her to unlock and open the trunk that had been personalized with her name on it.

As Siomara opened that trunk and began to see all the school supplies that had been collected especially for her and her students, this young, shy teacher dropped her head, with a little smile slowly spreading across her face.  She was obviously overwhelmed by the thought that the group who had been there only a few weeks earlier had outdone themselves for her.  The trunk contained innumerable things any kindergarten teacher would long for, but which few or none in this country could ever hope to have for her students.

What had initially seemed so incredible to her eventually became reality.  She raised her head and gently spoke the words of grateful, heartfelt appreciation, “muchas gracias.”

Someone then said, “Did you tell her the trunk is for her to keep?”  Another smile, another muchas gracias, and she then locked her new trunk of goodies so they would be preserved for the beginning of the new school year next week.

What a marvelous way to start the day!


2 thoughts on “A Special Delivery

  1. Pure humility!Beth Moore’s study, EXPLORING THE SPIRIT, states that the Greek word often translated humble is tapeinos. It is a word which basically means modesty toward self and “piety towards God.”You have just described the epitomy of that definition with Siomara.May the Lord continue to bless her with this purity of heart and may we learn from her…may I learn from her.Donna Marie


  2. Thanks to Maxine and Bruce E. for organizing the efforts to collect all of the kindergarten goodies.Jim K.


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