Who’s in charge?

Strange and wonderful things happen on mission trips.  Sometimes these things occur among us.  We have had our first one.

One or our members lost something very important.  Several people looked for the item several times.  No luck in finding it.  Just before we were to leave for the day and there was a great deal of stress about not finding the object, several of us stopped, held hands, and prayed silently that the object would be found and all would be well.  It should be noted that the person who had lost the object had told many of us about how difficult it is for them to pray and that they did not feel comfortable with prayer.

The day went fast, hard, and well.  When we returned, we ate and had a long meeting before the search could begin again.  When the person first started the search again, they looked in the place several (including themself) had searched and found nothing.  The item was right there in plain sight………  We could only hug each other and praise the good Lord for His wisdom and mercy toward us. 

Guess sometimes He just wants to show us who is in charge.


One thought on “Who’s in charge?

  1. Oh God is good…all the time.As I have stated and indicated throughout my correspondence with you all even before you left…the message He lovingly asked me to share with you was that this mission trip is about healing for team members as much as for the people He is using you all to heal. He knows how to get our attetnion, doesn’t He?What a beautiful and lovely experience for each of you individually and as a team. For the team member who is realizing that prayer is truly our greatest of all tools that Christ gives us privilege to have…may you continue to feel at ease as He teaches you to pray…and He will.Amen and Amen!Love you all…………..


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