Sight Restored

We don’t claim to be healing the blind.  But it’s hard sometimes to keep from being excited about how close it seems we come.  Today in Santa Clara we did our third session of the week as vision testers and fitters of eyeglasses.  Exuberance abounds when someone sits down to try on possibly several eyeglasses, each time saying, “No, this isn’t right,” and then suddenly comes alive with a big grin and “I can read it now!”

Today was even more special when Daniel, one of our translators, was working with us to help us sharpen up our technique with the Focometer and the eyeglass fitting.  “”These make me dizzy,”  “This doesn’t really help much,” and then “WOW!  I thought I could see pretty well, but this is GREAT!  Now I can read those little letters on the bottom of the chart!”  It doesn’t take too much of that to cause you to turn your head so no one can see, and wipe that little moisture from your eyes.


One thought on “Sight Restored

  1. As I read Daniel’s words, my thought and prayer was: May some of the people in these little mountain villages where HAF is ministering one day say “Wow, I thought I knew God pretty well but because you came now I see Jesus clearly.” I don’t think it will just be a bit of moisture that will need to be wiped from you eyes! You will need a bucket to catch the tears of joy.Gail


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