Warm Showers

Some of you know that there is no hot water here at the ranch.  Not that we lack for creature comforts in this lovely area where we stay.  But our ever prepared BSA leader Larry had ideas on how to give us limited relief in this area.

The other night we had the local Peace Corps Volunteer, a young lady named Margaux, visit with us.  She told us about her work here in education about nutrition, basic health habits, and HIV prevention.  She has worked here for almost a year, and at the end of the evening she talked a bit about her isolation and cultural adaptation.  We asked her about when was the last time she had had a warm shower.  Her answer was that she had not had one during her entire stay, and most likely would not have one until she returned to the States.  Our little Becky, with the big heart, gave Margaux her water heating device as Margaux was leaving.

Our hope is that she has enjoyed the comfort of a warm shower.

One thought on “Warm Showers

  1. OK, so what ideas did your BSA Leader Larry have for limited aleviation of the problem of no warm water??? You left that part out :o))Becky…YOU are very generous of heart dear friend.Reading these blogs is so wonderful and I thank you for taking the time…all of you…for doing so.Many are following it…PROBLEM IS that in order to finally post a comment, you have to do about four things in order to get it to send. If it weren’t for Scott I wouldn’t have known how to do that. Just so you know many are reading all you write!


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