Han Pedro

We are here!

A kind stewardess was very curious as to what our group was planning to do in Honduras.  She asked the names of the churches we were from (Wilkesboro United Methodist and South Aiken Presbyterian), and the name of the organization we were going to work for once we arrived in Honduras. After we told her, she made an announcement on the plane recognizing out group, and how thankful she was that we were coming to Honduras to help people and make a difference in the world.  Everyone on the plane applauded, and showed their appreciation, saying “God bless” and such things.  It was a nice, unexpectedly warm welcome.

Lakey promptly announced to the passengers “we’ll be signing autographs at the gateway.”

Joe, Sam, and Arnold
Dane playing with kids at HAF

We slept away a large part of the afternoon after some serious sleep deprivation.  Tomorrow we begin working.  

Brad, Aaron & Jennifer

3 thoughts on “Han Pedro

  1. Thanking God for your safe arrival and for rest. Praying for a great day today for you all to be the Hands and feet of Jesus!BTW: team members also representing the congregations of St.John’s UMC and Northshore Church both of Aiken, SC.Bendeciones, Roxanne


  2. Love the story of your big welcome on the plane!Anna-which place are you staying? Hope you have enough fans too. Sleep well tonight. Peace to you all! Allison


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