Touring with the Hondurans

Day 2:

Yesterday was an exhausting success on arriving in Honduras. That evening, we went to the city’s recreational center. While there, we enjoyed the games of ping pong, volleyball, and soccer.

Today we went to the Mayan ruins and a bird park in Copan. We brought along with us 15 Agape Promise kids. At 7 in the morning, we all piled into a school bus and rode two and a half hours to Copan. At the ruins, it was very hot. For lunch we ate at a pizza restaurant with the Agape Promise kids. The group of us headed off to the Macaw Mountain in the always exciting motor taxis. We got to see several species of birds and even got to hold some for a picture. Afterwards, we headed back to the bus for the ride home. About 30 minutes away from the compound, we stopped for some last minute shopping. Thanks for the prayers and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow!! 🙂

Michael playing dirty at the rec center.

todos las personas

Rozy, the supermodel!

Allie, breaking it down on the ping pong court.

just another Honduran escalator…..

Two modes of transportation, the horse is safer.

And Abby is on the ground!

Start your engines!

our new amigo, Miguel.
Water in a bag, what???


2 thoughts on “Touring with the Hondurans

  1. It is great hat you arrived safely and took the older AP srudents on a well deserved break. We all look forward to your daily blog entries. Alan


  2. So glad you are building the additional classroom at Tao; have been there many times and they sure do need the additional room. God bless all of you for your hard work. Give my love to all the children.


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