Today was a full dental clinic day. This morning, 8 children (with a few adults) were brought down the mountain from the small mountain village of Teo. Although it was an hour & 20 minute ride down, the children were waiting for us at the Quimistan clinic when our mission team got to the clinic a few minutes after 8 am. The children that came had the most severe dental problems.


In addition to the Teo children, the dentists also treated several Agape Promise students. Many AP students also had their teeth cleaned by the hygienist, and several of them were able to show “thumbs up” when they were found to have no cavities! Local dentist Dr. Gema (pronounced “hay’-ma”) returned today to help in the clinic. She is being a big help to us, while at the same time learning new techniques and treatment strategies, so it is a winning proposition all-around. She plans to also participate in tomorrow’s clinic.

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While the children were waiting to see the dentists, Ben entertained them with a soccer kick-around.

When the Teo children and adults were ready to go back up the mountain, we gave them a soccer ball for their small school. The Teo children and adults were most thankful for all the dentistry they received.

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While most of the dental team was at the dental clinic, Anna had the pleasure of spending the day at Tranquilidad, a new foundation that helps small children. She accompanied Sam and Joel, the 3 year old, to get a haircut, and then ice cream for Joel for doing so well with his haircut. The rest of the day was spent helping out with feeding, holding, and bathing the babies. Also, it was spent entertaining Joel. He was full of energy and excited to have a new playmate from the United States that spoke Spanish!