Another beautiful day in Honduras! A clear, hot March day with many flowers and trees in bloom and lovely Honduras mountains in any direction you look. Everyone should come see beautiful Honduras!


Today was a dental clinic day similar to yesterday. The dental team treated children from Arena Blanca today along with several Agape Promise students. Some of the treatments were relatively easy; however, some with more serious dental problems took much longer to treat. One 11-year-old youngster had an especially difficult tooth to extract that required some dental surgery to complete. He was a very brave child – a real “trooper” during the procedure.

DSC03667 DSC03664 DSC03652 DSC03644 DSC03641

Dr. Gema helped again today. One of the patients was her father. He had needed an extraction for some time, but would not let his daughter take it out, so Dr. Randy took care of it.


One of the AP children, Sebin, wrote a very nice note to “The Missionaries” thanking us for the dental care and all we have done for him. It has inspired him to become a doctor, so that he can help “not the people with lots of money, but people with very little.”


After the Arena Blanca children were complete, we gave them a soccer ball and thanked them for coming. They are wonderful children.



After the end of the dental day, we came back to Martha’s for a wonderful dinner of fried tilapia. We were joined by Maynor’s wife, Jessy, and daughter Arleth.


Following dinner, we had a very, very special treat – several of the Agape Promise students presented a pantomime program for us. It was based on John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”   It was extremely well done – everyone truly loved it. And Erin learned that one hazard in hugging the cast is that you might become one of them!

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Thank you God for another wonderful day – GOD IS GREAT!