Our final dental clinic day was another busy one. While we had no mountain children to see, the rest of the Agape Promise children who were available to be seen were all taken care of. Most of them were found to have no dental concerns, so they needed only their regular cleaning.

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As time allowed, some of us took our sponsored AP kids shopping. When we do that, they invariably head for needed school supplies or clothing, rather than to toys or games.



After cleanup, inventorying and packing up, all of our equipment and supplies were taken back to the ranch. We were then treated to a very nice dinner at Graciela Paz’s home in Pinalejo. What a nice treat to finish our week here in Honduras!


We are finishing the evening putting supplies back in storage here and packing up our personal belongings. We look forward to a wonderful sunrise tomorrow, our last Honduras breakfast and then on to the airport for our trip home.

We thank Ben, Anna, Erin, Patty, Randy, Tommy, Leroy and all of our Honduras helpers including Maynor, Daniel, Gloria, Sandra, Bessy, Dr. Gema, the hospital clinic staff, and many others for a wonderful mission trip.DSC03475

God has been so great to us on this mission trip – we received many more blessings than we were able to give. Thank you God!