By-Tor & Snow Dog

We caravanned thru the wee hours of the morning to the grand aluminum palace that houses a flock of metallic sea gulls. One by one they majestically lifted off in to the pre-dawn horizon. Our team was checked over with more scrutiny than Santa’s naughty or nice list… So, not to mention any names… but Senor Jefe, was pulled aside to scan the extreme amount of contraband he was carrying. This blogger is glad to inform everyone that he did not have to visit the Darkroom… Again! We boarded the steely beast, strapped in tight for a short hop to Atlanta. After dining on some of the finest that Hartsfield airport had to offer and a few visits to the Bano… again we strapped in for the journey to a land far far away and filled with many adventures and mysteries.

Going thru customs in a foreign country is slightly less painful than getting a root canal without the aid of Novocain, again considering that we were muleing a ton of medication and medical supplies for the Federation… the Passage to Bangkok was without major incident. Just on the other side of the glass curtain we could see our Amigos Maynor, Daniela and Mario awaiting our arrival. We greeted each other with warm salutations such as amigo… hermano and a plethora of hugs was had by all.

Onward to the Villa we traveled in Mario’s new Auto bus. As he always does, taking care of his passengers like cradling a new born infant… never risking our safety by going three wide in a blind curve. Upon our arrival we unloaded the contraband laden cargo and stored it in a safe location until the Czars determined a safe date to distribute… We dined on BBQ chicken and rice prepared by Sandra’s crew. The team departed for a short field trip to our job site in La Montinita to make plans and procure the necessary equipment and materials to get started off on the right foot.

I am trying to write this blog post with critical detail, though I am reeling from the effects of sleep deprivation… A 14 hour travel day… Adjusting to 100 degree plus temperatures here locally. Until our next entry, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


Marco Francisco