Bloody Flem

Our first full day in the land of honey dew began earlier than some planned this morning. Two of our rookies, Kalin aka Prince and Casey aka Easy Rider came bee boppin thru the villa at 5:30 am, fully dressed and ready for breakfast… and maybe even more important ready to head up the mountain to the job site. They may have turned their clocks back but their bodies were still on Eastern Standard Time. I was left with no choice but to set them straight… the disappointment that fell across their faces was as though I had taken their milk money.

After our tummies were filled with pancakes and fruit, we gathered for a devotion lead by none other than yours truly. I recalled a memory as a young lad on vacation in Minnesota several eons ago. While there we visited Lake Itasca, where the Mississippi river begins. It is no more than a small stream flowing from the lake. You could literally walk across the river… I did and I received a ribbon commemorating my accomplishment. Faith is a lot like that crossing stream and the same can be said about life in general. The longer we wait to make that crossing… the more difficult it becomes.

We loaded up in the auto bus, being physically and spiritually full for the trek in to the mountain. After arriving and unloading the tools Daniela began to bark orders in English… Spanish… and a mix of both. The roof came off in a flash as some locals scurried the rafters removing the tiles and passing them down to others to be recycled in the normal Honduran fashion. The remainder of the day was spent cutting rebar, bending collars to bind them together. Cutting slots in the existing concrete walls so that a strong bond could be made. A new foundation was poured inside the room for the new privacy wall that will be constructed tomorrow… MOOK! It’s what B-RAD traveled 14 hours and 1500 miles for…Two Working As a Team will once again echo through the valley below, B-Rad will be rocking the DOOM until the bloody flem appears!

I think that our overall excitement maybe got the best of several of our team members today. Tom aka Hodo was the first victim of circumstance, he was overcome with the emotion of the Brain’s gift from the hardware store… a calf bottle! He spent some time with Rosa’s kids at the school and the tears he shed with that reunion caused him to dehydrate. Glad to report he is ok after nursing him back to health with his new gift. folks the spirit of compassion is alive and well with us. He was not alone in his suffering. Loraine aka Rogain, Easy Rider and even Senor Jefe Scorpion King had a moment of weakness in the brutal afternoon heat. I am glad to report that all have recovered from their episode especially after dining on some tacos and kool ade. Thanks Hono for the devotional music, the cow bell sounded exceptional and thank everyone for sharing some God moments in your day.

Tomorrow we seek to play, pour and pack mook. Hasta Manana mis amigos.


Marco Francisco