Entre Nous

We are planets to each other

Drifting in our orbits

To a brief eclipse

Each of us a world apart

Alone and yet together

Like two passing ships



While lounging on the veranda and waiting patiently for another splendid dawn … this grand event is unfortunately still over an hour away at the moment. The daily process of meditation and dissecting the complex rhythm and rhyme of my set list was interrupted by these lyrics that are posted above. Nearly 40 years have passed since the ink dried on these words and yet they have given me a new insight, or at least reminded me of why we are here. It is a question that we all should ask. Monte Python even asked, “What is the meaning of life”? Scripture points out the fact that we were created for many purposes, but one is above all others. We were created for relationship… relationship with the creator and with one another. Not a novel ideal, but something with a purpose in the grand scheme of things. Once again God revealed himself by showing me that he is in control. We had several moments today when the relationships that was started several years ago between us and some of the locals are their children. Though we maybe worlds apart for most of the year, we eclipse one another every so often they both sides just stand in awe…

Following a hearty breakfast we again packed the autobus and headed towards the mountains for the Mook fiesta that had danced in our heads all night long. We were blessed to have Pablo aka Juan Pablo Montoya join us today as our driver and primo Mook master! The day began pretty much as we left off on Tuesday, the ladies building rebar cages that would be placed on top of the walls. The Hondurans lead the charge in this task while, B-Rad, Senor Mater, Marco and a few others began to build a new partition wall to separate the medical room and the kindergarten. The DOOM blasted from the portable speaker system that B-Rad is so famously know for constructing. We made fast work of the task and by lunch time the wall was complete. We then joined in helping the Hondurans put form boards on top of the wall and make preparations for the mother of all Mooking Fiestas!

By 3:45 we were out of water and strength, but the Mook had not been poured… Press forward was the command by Daniela, and press we did, thankfully under a clouding sky that brought a much needed break from the scorching sun. By 5:30 all of the Mook had been scrapped off the floor and poured in the forms… Manana we will remove the forms that were so meticulously placed and begin to lay more blocks to raise the roof.

We dined on pork ribs, beans and fried plantains for supper followed by a beautiful music selection picked by our own Hodo and the rainbow collation cow bell symphony. Rogain got a visit from her student that they sponsor thru the Federation. She was our guest at dinner tonight and I know they were both very happy and excited to spend so quality time together this evening. As I said in the beginning of this post its all about relationships. My prayer is that if anyone reading this blog or knows someone who has a strained relationship to do all that they can to repair it… because tomorrow may never come.


Marco Francisco