The Power Of Ten

I remember as a high school student in Biology class watching an educational short movie called “The Power of Ten”. In this ten minute movie the camera focuses on the human skin and then through micro and macro technology takes us from the world of bacteria into the cosmos and back again.

This week as ten followers of Christ take time to work in a small mountain village, the correlation between the movie and discipleship in a poor country forces us to reflect on the impact that ten Christians can have in an impoverished area… where life is centered on a day to day earthly existence instead of the heavenly kingdom of God.

While some of our group concentrates on the remodeling of an old schoolroom into a small medial facility, others witness to the adults and others play with the children. Ultimately, we all have a part in uniting them with the Father through our interaction in their daily lives.

What would result if the power of ten became a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand Disciples of Christ going out to all nations to spread the word?


Hodo the Magical Magician


It is apparent that there is something being stirred up besides the Mook around here… The Holy Spirit came rushing thru like a great wind to fill the people with the gift of God. I concur with Hodo’s words, I believe that great things can be done in the name of Jesus. The church began with just a small spark of that Holy fire in Jerusalem and spread like wildfire thought the world… Today we may feel like there are more firemen trying to extinguish that flame than people fanning it, but the history of Christianity proves that has been case from the very beginning… The difference is most Christians do not face the death for their beliefs as did the early Christians, Many have felt the Spirit move within their heart and believed, only to remain at the door… yet the Spirit calls us to do much more. We are called to go forth, into every nation sharing the good news and bring a sure and certain hope on the name of Jesus.  Missions is about reaching out to others… the Least of these, the ones who are with out hope, the marginalized and broken. As missionaries,  you often do not see the fruits of your labor, because you move from place to place, village to village never knowing what you planted has taken root and produced good fruit. We are called to plant the seed and God waters…

I think that is part of the movement going on with us this week. We can build a structure, but over time it will decay and eventually collapse, but building a relationship, bringing hope in the name of Christ will endure the passing of time and last for eternity. We have been moved  this week, we have been blessed by seeing the fruits of our labor, Four years ago we built a house for Rosa and her children in the mountain village that we are working in… four years ago Rosa was a shell of a person, no hope, no means of change, no worth, but today she is alive in spirit, filled with hope simply because some Gringos answered the call of the Spirt to go forth…Ten people can make a difference, but it only took one cross… one empty tomb… one loving God to send his Son for all of creation!


Marco Francisco