Safe Arrival & Shopping

After a very early start in the USA (up before 4:00am) and on-time flights, the first part of our team arrived safely in beautiful Quimistan, Honduras today.   After arrival and a great lunch, we had a wonderful day of renewing old friendships here as well as meeting and getting to know new friends and a few terrific Agape Promise students.

We brought a few gifts for our AP students from home as well as taking them shopping this afternoon for school supplies.   I am not sure whether the AP students or our mission team members enjoyed the afternoon more. We also got a chance to tour the new AP Learning Center – a super new facility for the Agape Promise students.

Although we are all more than ready for a good sleep here at Martha’s villa, we must pause a few minutes to say “THANK YOU GOD FOR AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL DAY!” God has been so great today!