Prayers & Portraits

A beautiful Lord’s Day in Quimistan! After a much needed restful sleep last night, this day began with blue skies and bright sunshine – God’s creation was much in evidence in Honduras today.

After a great breakfast, we headed to Tejeras for Sunday School. While I have told everyone that my Sunday School class in Aiken, SC is the best Sunday School ever, the Tejeras Sunday School is equally great – what fantastic enthusiasm and energy the children displayed singing and participating in the Bible lesson. It was so wonderful to see this from the children worshiping and learning about Jesus! After the Bible lesson, the Tejeras children were served a delicious meal.

After lunch, the mission team went to the Agape Promise youth group meeting at the new AP Learning Center. As the children arrived, Tommy took a photograph of each AP student to update their profile for the AP sponsors.

Later in the afternoon, the mission team visited Tranquilidad Home. Tranquilidad Foundation manifests the love of Jesus Christ by providing care, love, protection, and a home to the orphaned, neglected, and/or abused children in the Quimistan Valley here in Honduras. While at Tranquilidad, Dr. Patty (dentist), checked/treated the teeth of the children there.

In summary, another great day in Honduras! We truly saw the love of Christ in all the children we saw today!