Dental Clinic – Day Two

Today was our second dental clinic day for Honduras children. After morning devotions and breakfast, the team arrived at the dental clinic about 8:00am. Today was a very full day for the dentists who worked until nearly 7:00pm with just a short break for lunch at about 2:00pm (lunch was late due to some very complicated treatment for children just before lunch.

We truly appreciate the 4 dentists that came with the team (at their own expense). The dentists on the team include:

Dr. Randy Shelley from Aiken, SC. Dr. Randy has been coming on Honduras Agape dental mission trips for well over 10 years. THANK YOU DR. RANDY!

Dr. Charlie Wyont also from Aiken. Dr. Charlie has also been coming on the Honduras Agape dental mission trips for well over 10 years. Dr. Charlie’s wife Karen also comes with Dr. Charlie. THANK YOU DR. CHARLIE!

Dr. Patty Schnur from Bradenton, FL. This is Dr. Patty’s 4th Honduras Agape dental mission trip. Dr. Patty 2 older children, Ben (age 15) and Sarah (age 13) are with Dr. Patty on this mission trip. THANK YOU DR. PATTY!

Dr. Clarissa Schmidt from North Augusta, SC. Dr. Clarissa has been on many dental mission trips with other groups but this is her first mission trip with our Honduras Agape Foundation. THANK YOU DR. CLARISSA!

Today we treated children from 2 remote mountain villages (Teo and Arena Blanca) plus several students in the Honduras Agape Promise group here in Quimistan. The dentists also treated 2 other children from this area that had emergency dental needs. Below is a picture of the children from Teo and Arena Blanca, the adults that brought them to the clinic, and the dentists on our dental mission team that treated them.

Question: How many dentists does it take to extract a tooth? While the normal answer would be one, today there was one EXTREMELY DIFFICULT extraction on a young girl. The condition of one of her molars was so bad that the roots broke off when the top part of the tooth was initially extracted. With the limited dental equipment we have here, THREE of our dentists then spent an extended amount of time to get the very, very difficult roots out. We all were saying prayers that they could satisfactorily complete this procedure.

Today, after the children from Teo and Arena Blanca completed their treatments, they were given some clothing and shoes that various people from Aiken donated for the children here in Honduras. Some of the items donated included fancy flipflops that the ladies of St. Paul’s UMC in New Ellenton, SC decorated for them.

Later in the day, one of the Agape Promise students (Aura) received a new bike that was donated. Attached is a photo of Aura and her USA sponsor (Sarah) with the new bike. Aura was all smiles.

In summary, everyone is physically very tired after a long day at the dental clinic. However, everyone has a very uplifted spirit after seeing all the wonderful children that came to the clinic today. Thank you God for such a great blessing today!