Dental Clinic – Day 3

Today was the final dental clinic day for Honduras children. The dentists treated about 18 Agape Promise students from Quimistan, 9 from the remote mountain village of Los Panales, plus a couple of other people with dental needs. Today, the dental treatments lasted from 8:00am until about 4:00pm. Then we began taking down the clinic, inventorying the supplies, cleaning the equipment, and transporting all the dental equipment and supplies back to Martha’s compound. We completed all of this by about 6:00pm.

We had wonderful guests for dinner tonight. Roxanne and Sam Turnipseed from the Tranquilidad Foundation here in Quimistan (former residents of Aiken, SC) came to eat and spend some time with us.

After 3 long days of dental treatments, the dentists and the rest of the dental team are physically exhausted. However, they all are extremely grateful for these last few days of being able to serve the wonderful children in this area of Honduras. We are all very blessed to be able to come and serve. Thank you God!

We leave Quimistan immediately after breakfast tomorrow morning for the San Pedro Sula airport to get our flight back to the USA. Please pray that everyone will have a safe trip back home! We hope to return again for another dental mission trip in March of 2018.

God bless!

Dr. Clarissa works on Daniel’s daughter, while Daniel comforts her.
Dr. Patty at work on AP child Selin, assisted by her dad, Leroy.
Dr. Charlie, ably assisted by his wife, Karen; child’s mother can’t watch.
Dr. Randy on the job, assisted by . . . . his patient.


Ben loses a sword fight with Issabella.


Dr. Charlie with Selin, who often writes us thank-you notes.
Dr. Randy meets Belkanik, who is sponsored by his Forum SS Class.
The dentists with the children of Los Panales they treated.
Dr. Clarissa draws a tough cleaning job.
Dr. Patty apparently finds Maynor’s funny bone.
Tommy gets to spend a few minutes with sponsored girl Sonia and her younger sisters.