Back In Black

Our day began in the wee hours of the pre-dawn rising. A group of 10 eager Gringos… Veterans and Newbies alike Packed, Stuffed and Crammed ourselves into a small caravan of 2 automobiles and sojourned onward as Christian solders to battle the steely beast, whose sole purpose was to devour all creatures, both animate and inanimate that would bravely venture into the belly of the winged beast.

A 39 minute hop, a minor layover with breakfast from Arby’s, followed by another flight on the aluminum Condor across the great Pond of Mexico… We safely arrived at our destination San Pedro… Customs went smooth… NO visit to the darkroom required! Awaiting the weary travelers just beyond the glass doors was our old friends Maynor, Daniela and the ever effervescent driver Mario Andretti Valle Valle!

A brief but adventurous journey up highway CA 4 aka the road to perdition, we arrived at the Federation Compound Villa Celia Delfina. A wonderful lunch was prepared by Sandra y her new helper Miss Lupie. We dined, we unpacked and then went on a tour of the minor Federation extension outpost of Tranqulidad and her construction progress. We were hosted by Roxanna y her comedian husband Uncle Sam. After the extended visit with family and friends we returned to the compound and for some of the luckier ones, we got a shower bath before the evening meal… the rest waited until bed time.

I am thankful for the opportunity to once again venture to the land south of the border and spend time with old friends and I look forward to making new ones in the Terre Amarillo community tomorrow. Good nite blogosphere and always remember… “Resist”


Marco Francisco Valle Valle