Green Coconuts

Glad to say I slept better last night… no scorpion sightings to mention but still waiting for breakfast in bed. We gathered in the mess hall as a group to pour some groceries down our neck all the while creating small talk around the table about the job for the day and looking forward to a hopefully short day… wishful thinking.

Good news of the day spread quickly… we will have a taxi awaiting at the drop off point to take us down the yellow brick road rather than lugging all our equipment down the trail of death. A quick trip to the hardware store to pick up a few needed items to attach the forms to the walls so we can pack some mook between the gap.

The ride up the mountain was uneventful due to the fact we were traveling at a pace that would on only bruise a bug! All was going according to plan after our arrival… the guys were making a special wire ties to join the boards together… the gals began to paint the doors on the new bathrooms and collectively we was in a particularly festive mood because the locals were mixing up one of the largest piles of mook… how much mook you ask… a corner stone of a large skyscraper could be set with it. Another load of block arrived on site and was quickly unloaded and stacked up. Suddenly… without warning… it began to rain green coconuts! One of the delivery drivers decided that he wanted a coconut tip for the speedy deliver service and hazardous duty compensation for driving a 2 ½ ton delivery truck down the yellow brick road! So he shimmed up the tree just above us and started dropping coconuts to the ground.

They kindly shared the spoils of their success with others standing around, gringos included. Sipping on the sweet nectar and digging out the fruit of the with pieces of shell or a handy Leatherman all-purpose tool. Once the siesta was over we quickly returned to complete the forming process because the mook was beginning to spoil under the sweltering heat. Without warning we heard a clamor near the block pile… One of our team members had injured themselves with the previously mention all-purpose tool. Hondo to put on his fireman’s hat to give some first aid. Arrangements were quickly made and our friend transported to get further medical assistance. We gathered together to lay hands on them and pray for safe passage and for healing to the injury… both prayers were answered!

Nothing like seeing one of your friends get injured to bring you down… what a buzz kill. We continued to work on the project and yet I know that everyone only had one thing on their heart and mind… our comrades’ wellbeing… that will always come before a Mooking fiesta… any day. A couple of hours passed before we received word that they were ok and the injury was not as serious as first thought. Praise the Lord… Thanks to Hondo and Selfie for taking care of our team member… Thanks to the unknown driver who rushed them down the mountain… Thanks to Daniela and Maynor for communication with the medical staff and helping get the attention our friend needed!

By the end of the day the team was beginning to smile, laugh and pick at each other again like normal… As much as we like to cut-up with one another, we do have a sensitive side as well. I could have written a typical easter egg filled post and no one would have ever known what happened… I may even be writing in vain… I might not be able to post it because the Scrapemaster 3000 seems to suck out all the jazz from the internet connection here… But I tell the story to show that God is with us… in the good, the bad and the ugly that life can throw at you.

The pour was a success and tomorrow we will start laying blocks for the new kitchen… Here is to a happier day tomorrow.

And now a word from our sponsor: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me”


Marco Francisco Valle Valle