Today was a typical day in the mission field for our group. We returned to Terre Amarillo and started to lay blocks for the new kitchen at the school. We made a lot of progress along the way… There was a whole lot of mook packing going on in them hills folks. I calculated that we laid over 350 blocks today! In between to mooking fiesta there was time to play with the children, the Gals passed out dresses to the girls that had been made and donated by the women’s group from Wilkesboro. They finished painting the door and thankfully the Leatherman all purpose tool stayed in the sheath all day.

Sometimes one can best survey their surrounding by simply remaining quiet and observe others. I look at our group, a cross section of Americana with multi generation members that include: Traditionalist, Boomers, X’ ers, Generation Y and a couple of iGens also… For each one brings their own brand of personality that blends together to form a tight knit group willing to abort the national pastime of Slacktivism… Rather than promoting a cause or seeking to bring change. such as signing on-line petitions, or posting a meaningless rant via Facebook which only requires minimal effort and low risk involvement… they do something about making change! They are the hands and feet of Jesus… They are making a difference in His name.

Through all the blood, sweat and tears of the day, suffering the sweltering heat and sun that Honduras can offer, the greatest event of the day occurred as we were packing up and preparing to catch a taxi to the top of the hill… Senor Jefe began to talk to some young men from the community and passed out some Gospel tracks to them. The Holy Spirit moved one of them to accept Jesus as Lord on the hill side, that is why we are here! Building a kitchen is but temporary in this life… Building the Kingdom is eternal. Sometimes we loose focus on the goal, or at least get distracted from it, but as Paul wrote that we must keep pressing towards the goal… Facebook will not do it, Your government will not do it, Only you can press towards the goal and share the Gospel.


Marco Francisco Valle Valle