2018 Dental Trip – Day 2


A Beautiful Morning

The dental mission team had a wonderful day serving Christ and the children here in Honduras today. After devotions and breakfast, we got to the dental clinic about 8:00am. There were already several Agape Promise (AP) students waiting for us. It was wonderful to see several of the children that we have known from prior mission trips. In addition, we met several new students who just joined the AP program is year.

The dentists worked a very long day, completing the last patient a little before 7:00pm with only a short break for lunch. In total, 18 AP students were treated by the dentists today. In addition, they extracted a broken tooth from Dr. Tino (the Honduras doctor that supports the Honduras Agape Program.)


The Clinic is Underway
Dr. Randy at Work
Dr. Charlie, assisted by Karen

While some of the students were waiting to be treated, they colored pictures for members of the mission team – what a wonderful way for them to say THANK YOU for their treatments.

Leroy with Isis and Aura
Tommy with Isis

We look forward to another great day tomorrow. God is good!