DAY 3 – Dental Mission Trip 2018

Another great day in Honduras. A wonderful sunrise with birds chirping amid the beautiful flowers welcomed us to the start of the third day of our mission trip. We had a warm sunny start to the day but later this afternoon, God sent a brief rain shower that brought a slightly cooler and more comfortable evening.   Some members of the mission team sipped the milk directly from a coconut that had been plucked from a nearby tree this morning. God is great!

This was our second very full day of dental treatments of children (without all the normal equipment, dental tools and office comforts that dentists have in the US). The dentists treated and provided dental cleanings for 21 children today. This included one student that had 6 cavities and some other dental issues. Just this one student took over an hour and half to treat. The dentists worked an 11-hour day today with only an hour break for lunch – they are very tired tonight but are praising God for helping them complete another successful dental day here in Honduras.

It’s always great when we can meet or reconnect with those young people we have a part in sponsoring. For example, Dr. Randy enjoyed seeing Belkanik again, who is sponsored by his Sunday School Class, and Tommy was happy to meet Oscar and Naidely, who were recently sponsored by the Trinity UMC Missions Comm.

While they wait their turn in the dental chairs, we try to keep the kids occupied. Some play soccer, while others, even the boys, like to color.

The children we treated today were all so wonderful. It was great to see their beautiful, smiling faces. While undergoing their dental treatments, they were all such great patients – no complaining, whining, or crying – just hugs and fist bumps for the dentists when their treatments were completed. One younger student (Selin) drew an amazing picture for Dr. Charlie after his treatment was finished.

We look forward to a good sleep tonight so we will be ready for whatever God has for us tomorrow here in Honduras for our last day of dentistry this week.