DAY 6 – Dental Mission Trip 2018 – PALM SUNDAY

We awoke this morning to birds singing loudly and beautifully to us. It was almost as if the birds’ singing was God’s way of reminding us of the way Christ was welcomed on Palm Sunday when the crowds sang & shouted “Hosanna!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD!” (John 12:13).

After devotions & breakfast, we were off to Tejeras for Sunday School. We were welcomed there with beautiful and very lively singing by the many young children that attended from this extremely poor community. Both the children and the adult leaders were full of energy as they worshiped this morning. No palms in the worship service but we knew without a doubt that the Holy Spirit was with the children there this morning!

After the worship service, the Tejeras children were fed a nourishing meal, which our team helped to deliver and serve.

Following the meal, one Tejeras mother presented her sick child, who we prayed for and laid hands on. Pastor Wilmer, Sandra Rojas, and Cindy led the prayers. We surely hope he is feeling much better soon.

We then had a super treat later this morning at the AP youth group meeting. These young people had prepared a wonderful program for us. One of the group, Genesis, led us in the Lord’s Prayer in English! Then we had a reading from Psalms and a prayer.

Then the youth showed us two traditional Honduran dances. In the first one they wore traditional Honduras dance costumes – just wonderful. Towards the end of the second dance, they invited several of our mission team to dance with them – we were not as good as them, but we at least tried!


The festivities were concluded with homemade doughnuts and soda, financed by Trinity UMC’s Circle of Light.

After lunch, our team started preparations for the visits to the mountain villages/schools that begin tomorrow. Danielle (who is taking Spanish in High School) practiced telling the Bible story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den which she will present in Spanish to the children in five villages over the next two days. Our Honduran translator congratulated her on her Spanish for the Bible story.

This afternoon the team made a brief visit to the hospital where the dental clinic room is located so the new members of our team this week could look at the way the dental equipment & supplies were set up. Just before leaving the hospital area, our team looked at some of the fruit/nut tree on the hospital grounds. We got a good picture of our 3 teenagers along with one of the AP students that will be helping our team for the next two days.

On our way from the hospital area back to our home for the week, we stopped at a small souvenir shop along the highway. We took more great photos of the teenagers that will be part of our team tomorrow.

We now look forward to a good night’s rest, and another busy day tomorrow!