DAY 7 – Dental Mission Trip 2018 – VISITS TO 3 VILLAGES

This morning Cindy began a series of Holy Week devotions – a great way to start the day today. After devotions & breakfast, we were off to the Los Hornos School. The children were all lined up with a wonderful sign welcoming us. That was a real blessing. We then set up for our hygiene clinic for the children – hand washing, de-worming pill, tooth brushing, & fluoride brushing.

At the conclusion of the hygiene clinic, we began the mini-Vacation Bible School. Danielle (the 16-year-old on our mission team) told the Bible story of Daniel in the Lions Den in Spanish to the 3rd grade students. She said she was a bit nervous this first time telling the story to the Honduras children in Spanish but she did a marvelous job! Danielle, using a guitar, then lead the children in a song about Daniel in the lion’s den. Then came the Bible story craft where each student put together a mask of a lion’s head – with some help from our mission team members, the students did a great job with the craft.

While the 3rd graders were doing their lion’s head craft, the other students in the school were either playing soccer with Ben (a youth on our mission team) or were playing a game trying to bounce a beach ball on a small round “parachute”. All the children had a great time.

Near the end of the visit, Dr. Patty with help from Jessica, did a screening of the older children to determine which ones needed to come to our dental clinic later this week.

After we finished with our activities with the children at Los Hornos, the team had some PB&J sandwiches and a banana for lunch.

Just after noon, we departed for Milpa Arada School which was a relatively short drive away. There we repeated the activities of the morning.

After finishing at Milpa Arada School, we traveled a short but very bumpy road in dire need of improvements to the very small village of El Jicaro, with a one-room school for grades 1-6 combined. When we arrived in El Jicaro, we saw that the bridge over a small stream had been washed out, so our van had to ford the stream – a bit difficult but we made it safely. There are only 30 students in this school, but they were wonderful children. There we again had a hygiene clinic and VBS.

In El Jicaro, we also gave each young girl in the school a hand-made dress. These wonderful dresses were made by ladies at St. John’s UMC in Aiken, SC. The girls loved the dresses! The last thing we did before leaving was give a soccer ball to the school.

When we left El Jicaro, we decided to board the van after it crossed the stream, just to be on the safe side.  🙂

While our team is tired this evening, everyone on our team felt we had a great day working with the people in Honduras and serving the children here – the children are so full of love. GOD IS GREAT!