This morning we started the day with Cindy leading the third in her series of Holy Week devotions. Then, following breakfast and a special prayer for our two dental professionals, our team was off to the clinic for the first dental day of this week. When we arrived, there were already several children from Los Hornos waiting for their treatments, so Joselyn got right to work logging them in.

The first patient treated was the star patient of the day – a young boy 10 or 11 years old had 6 cavities in 4 of his teeth. Although he had never been treated by a dentist before and thus was a bit nervous, he was the perfect patient – no crying, squirming, or complaining. He just laid in the dentist’s chair for an hour and half letting Dr. Patty & Jessica (a long-time dental assistant) work on his 6 cavities.

During much of the day, our 3 teenagers on the mission team entertained the children waiting for their dental treatment. This included helping the children color in a coloring book, blowing up balloons and twisting them into animal and other unique shapes for them, playing soccer, playing “keep the beach ball on the parachute”, etc.

Besides the 2 dental professionals on this mission trip, other mission team members assisted them, including our 3 teenagers, by holding a flashlight to illuminate the mouth, getting supplies for the dentist, etc.

This morning, we took Luis shopping. Luis is an absolutely wonderful Agape Promise student. His family living in the Tejeras area is one of the poorest families here. Luis got a new bicycle, some new shoes and a few much needed clothing items. Below is a photo of Luis with his new bike wearing a “balloon crown” made for him by the teenagers on our team.

The highlight of Tommy’s day was when Sonia, the last patient of the day, came in with her younger 2 sisters. In the nearly 11 years that he & Mandy have sponsored her, she has gone from a shy 5th grader to a college student, who is also holding down a job. It is always great to catch up with Sonia and her family!

This evening we had a “mucho delicioso” (extremely delicious) dinner prepared for us by our host cooks. It was “Honduran tocos”, chimol (Honduran salsa), slaw, fried potatoes, and fresh mango & melon. It was so tasty that we all applauded the cooks when we finished dinner.

And now, we look forward to a good night’s rest to help prepare us for another rewarding day tomorrow.