DAY 11 – Dental Mission Trip 2018 – GOOD FRIDAY

This morning we started the day with Pastor Cindy leading the fifth in her series of Holy Week devotions and focused our minds and hearts on the event of Good Friday and Christ’s crucifixion.

Most of the patients were children from the remote village of La Montanita. This was the village our team visited on Tuesday afternoon. The children and a few moms arrived in a small pickup with most standing in the bed of the pickup for the ride over the bumpy roads. Our dental team treated 12 patients today, mostly children. Dr. Laura, the young Honduras dentist that went through the Agape Promise program, helped with several dental procedures again today.

While the dental team was doing dentistry, our teenage team members continued to entertain the children that came to the clinic.  Today was mostly Balloon Day!


Tonight for dinner, we had several very special guests including Gary & Martha Thomsen; Gloria Castillo; Sandra Rojas; Maynor, Jessy & Arleth; Joselyn, David & Douglas; Isaac & Carlos (Suyapa’s children); Daniel; and our driver Mario.

For dessert, we had a delicious Tres Leches cake, made by Gloria.  Thank you, Gloria!  Unfortunately, it was so good, it was about gone before we could get a picture of it.

At the end of the meal, Tommy had a surprise visit from our long-time sponsoree, Sonia, who came to say good-bye, and drop off a parting gift.

We complete this day thinking back to the crucifixion of Christ over 2,000 years ago on this Good Friday and think about what He went through that day for us to redeem us from our sins. What a wonderful and gracious God that He would do this for me!

Tonight we pray for safe, smooth travels home for our team tomorrow. We also ask for prayers for the next mission team that will arrive tomorrow as we depart. The next mission team is a youth/adult team with 10 members from St. John’s United Methodist in Aiken, SC and 5 members from McDonough Presbyterian in McDonough, GA (just south of Atlanta).  Stay tuned for more blog entries from that team.

May God bless you; may God bless the wonderful people here in Honduras, and may God bless our combined US & Honduras mission team members.

Buenas noches y adios de Honduras!