Junk In My Trunk

There is an old expression that states, “A photo is worth a thousand words.” Ain’t gonna cut it here folks. I have been half way around the world and seen a lot of things… but if this does not take the cake, mixing bowl and the spoon all at the same time. Let me set the tone of this little adventure.

First, we have a compact Nissan pick-up (US market based because its spedo reads in MPH, age unknown estimate early 2000 model) Built to carry 5 passengers in modest comfort over a short distance. The cargo area or bed as we call it in Wilkes County is standard width and about four and one-half feet long… not a true ‘work truck’. It follows the culture trend in America that creature comfort over application while looking macho in a truck. Yep, that and a nickel will get you a hot cup of jack squat! As you can see, or maybe not the load of stuff stuffed in the cargo area, roof top and cabin of this thing and if you cannot, please allow me to break it down for you.

On the roof is one hack of pre-cut lumber to build 9 school desk and 14 school benches. 2 pieces of PVC water pipe, one tool chest and a sack full of lumber for the afore mentioned project… all held together or in place with a long length of nylon rope and a couple of sketchy ratchet straps.

In the cargo area we have a 4 foot cooler full of agua, another tool trunk, 2 more sacks of lumber, 3 shovels, 2 picks, sledge hammers, levels, 3 back packs, 2 more tool bags… Oh and 2 Honduras, Marco dos y Daniela and 2 Gringos, Dirk (posing for the photo) and Casey (wearing the do-rag) for good measure. Are you really starting to get the photograph? Up in the creature zone we have 2 more Hondurans, Wilmer the driver and poco jefe Maynor along with 3 more Gringos, Que pasa, Quanda y Marco Francisco. Yes, we CAN carry a lot of junk in our trunks! Or is that truck, you decide?

All of this in a vehicle that probably has a GVW for loads of less than 1000 pounds. Factor in the safety element of traveling into the mountainous regions of northern Honduras where the highway disappears into a worn goat part with hill grades approaching 12-15% grade and you can begin see how God is truly at work in our lives. Its got to be only by His grace that we arrived safely at our destination of Laguna del Carmen in one piece. (Insert AM of the day award here)

After multiple stops along the way to pick up our scattered tools, 8 members of the team (Senor Jefe Chris, Mater, Lama, Quanda, Que Pasa, V-JJ, B-RAD the former Blogmaster now simply known as ‘AM’ and Marco Franciso with Danela as our guide, we began to dig the footings for the much needed retaining wall. The ladies did a wonderful job of bending the rings and assembling the re-bar frames for tomorrows big Mook pour. Meanwhile… Up the hill, Hondo, Dirk and Casey along with Maynor and Marco dos guiding this group on the new furniture for the school.

By days end we had done much in a short time, Footings were almost dug, most of the steel frame work complete, all the desks assembled and only needing 5 more benches built before the painting can start tomorrow.

Back down the hill in a brown cloud of dust we came to the compound where we dined on fresh fish and steamed veggies. Hunger check, Devotions check, Showers check, Bed time… Tune in tomorrow for another Easter Egg laden post from yours truly. NITE!

Marco Francisco Valle Valle