Mook Master

The traditional method of mixing mook is on the ground, B-Rad AKA AM loves doing this labor intensive process. It took about 6 piles of this to pour the footing today

The Fountain of Mook

Dry ingredents mixed and water added, Two Working As a Team begin to turn before you burn and mix everything together… the trick here is NOT to bust the sidewall out or your pile will become a fountain of gray lava.

Caress of Steel

Much of the day was spent digging these holes to a near depth of China then setting the rebar frames that Quanda, Que Pasa and Lama worked so diligently on for the first couple of days. Another grid of rebar was tied into it to reinforce the foundation that is 24″ wide and about 7- 9″ deep. It took us along with several locals 5 hours to pour it in preparation for the Block Party tomorrow.

Laying the Mook

Adding small stones to the Mook as we pour adds strength to it according to local building code… the jury is still out on this one in my book.

New School Desk

The desk project spearheaded by the Gringo woodsmen Hondo and Dirk with aid from KC, Maynor and Marco dos. Today they finished the construction of these needed items and began to treat them with anit-termite protection. They will start painting then on Thursday or Friday.

Que Pasa and Lama playing

Sometimes during a lull on the action we will play with the children. Interaction is one of the many blessing on this trip.

Shade Squatting

Sometimes it nessecary to take a break from the sub tropic sun… but if you do it excessively you are labled as a shade squatter and receive the AM of the day award… Senor Jefe in action.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle