Another beautiful day arose as the sun burst forth from the darkness of night. Birds of another feather squawking at 4:30 local time is difficult for a light sleeper to ignore… unless you are stationed with Dirk. The McCullagh 101 Chain saw ripping those mesquite logs are ruff on dem boyz in that room.

Early breakfast and quick devotion.. it’s to work we go… Hondurans style again. With 10 passengers in the compact import and a load of junk in the trunk to boot. The brain joined in the adventure of riding in the back of the truck bed taking in the full aroma of the wild Honduran scape… Cattle droppings… a couple of dead animals and the fragrant smell of our dusty trail laden with burning wood. All the while sipping on a tall cold AMP and sharing a greeting in our best Spanish with all to whom we encountered…. “Don’t be a menace in north central Honduras while sipping your AMP in the hood!” said Senor Jefe.

Arriving at the construction zone all AMP’D up and ready to throw down some Honduran crackers and pack the mook, we jumped up on the terrace trying not to start an international incident at the mooking wall with locals.  They obliged and allowed the Gringos to get into the mooking games. The gals and Dirk passed out the dresses and shorts that were made by the women’s group at Wilkesboro UMC. This simple gift made a huge impact on these poor children’s lives… To see a bunch of loco gringos sharing this gift brought forth a deep emotional moment for everyone. BIG THANK YOU WUMC!!! By days end the wall was ready for the first of two structural concrete pours to increase it’s rigidity. As a side note there was blood spilt on the mooking wall… Lama wins the AM of the day award… Again!

AM of the Day… LAMA

Inviting a couple of extra passengers in to the mosh pit of dust in the truck’s bed for the ride back to the compound was interesting… at one point there were 8 people in the bed of that truck… the second car behind us can only carry 6… AM! A quick trip to Home Depot… (Lowe’s) was closed to pick up supplies needed for tomorrow… so Daniela would remember what we needed for the festivities in Laguna del Carmen tomorrow.

A brief period of down time before dinner will warm the soul… the light (or video) of the truth will free your weary soul Senor Jefe! All is forgiven, at least we will let you believe that for a while… We are glad the lil pepper you sampled today is a reminder of things to come LOL.

Big shout out to all our family and friends back in the USA and thanks for all of your support and prayers, we are doing good, a little hot and dirty but all is good here.. Good Night.

The Brain (L-R Marco, Mater, Senor Jefe) plus 2 and the filling station attendant

The Mooking Wall

WUMC provided the Shorts for Boys

WUMC provided  the Dresses for the girls

Marco Francisco Valle Valle