Almost Easy

“Tomorrow will be an easy day” said Daniela (AM of the day winner) as we packed up from Thursdays work… Friday began as we poured some groceries down our neck at breakfast, piled another load of junk in the trunk of the compact import pick-up and traversed the slippery slopes of the Honduran mountain ranges back towards Laguna del Carmen.

Two things to always remember while in Honduras…

1 their sense of time is way different than ours. If they say it will only be a 15 minute walk… it will be double that!

2 If they say it will be a short day… Forget that! Prepare to melt down in the sweltering heat..

The team accomplished many things to day, so I will let the photos speak as I am trying to recuperate form being left in the oven way to long.

No… we are not going to rob a bank, Unlike Nammar we do not want to take some dirt back to our home country… especially in our lungs.

Forming and preparing to pour Mook for the bonding beam. Tomorrow we will continue to lay block on the Mooking wall.

Under Hondo’s presence, Cesar, KC, Maynor and Wilmer the desk are completed and ready for gum application.

Part of our teams fundraising at work here… We provided each family in the community with 2 pounds of rice and beans. It is only a small gift, but it is in the spirit of  Agape love which means Unconditional, The Love that God has shown us thru the gift of His Son Jesus Christ.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle