Closer to the Heart

Nearing the end of our first week in Honduras we were presented with a crossroad of sorts. The team divide up and travel to two separate projects. The Laugna team of Quanda, Que Pasa, Am, Lama and Marco traversed up the slopes bound to the regions near the river Alph seeking fresh honey dew and mook to pack. The trip was interrupted with a faulty battery cable that left us stranded in the middle of nowhere… in the middle of the road…  and in the middle of a blind curve… Unbelievable! The Lord sends angels in many ways and as it happened two showed up in a Toyota pick-ups. The battery was dead in our truck, they swapped batteries in the middle of the road, got us up and going again… I do not know about you, but I have never seen that in the good ole USA before. Not only did they swap but allowed us to it carry on our way. The truck was again nominated for the prestigious AM of the day award… but the day was young.

Arriving at the construction zone the team got to work removing the stubborn boards that caused us so much difficulty yesterday while the Mook Master AM and Lama prepared the Perfect blend of mook for the first load! AM is the Picasso of mook, it always turns into a master piece. The team labored thru the heat of the mid-day, but the Lord found favor in our labors and provided some clouds to cool us off for the afternoon run. The 3 pm coffee team arrived to serve all the Gringos and translators some fresh mountain coffee… It’s all fun and games until the AM spilt coffee on the already thrice injured Lama’s leg! It was bad enough that He did not have the Doom box charged up for a full days mooking, but to spill the lava hot liquid on her was… Unbelievable! Am of the day is now proudly presented to the AM!

By days end we had almost completed the block work on the Mooking wall so that Monday we will return again form the wall for it final pour. I am blessed to see the growth and progress of this crew over the years, rather than telling them what and when to do, they were patience with me because I was the only block mason today, but as soon as I finished a line they jumped up on the deathtrap 2000 scaffold and packed the holes and cracks to set up the next run. A quick and uneventful trip down the slippery slopes to the Federation Compound for our evening gathering and meal.

Mook Models

Moving on up

Wall of Mook Rising

Team Jefe’s team consisting of Mater, KC, Dirk, JJ, Hondo, and the return of Pablo Francisco traveled back to a location close to all our hearts La Montaita to add the electrical phase of Rosa’s house. We have in years past have done a lot of work for her. The first time the team visited we basically rebuilt her home adding a pila, shower and toilet. The second visit we added a bedroom for her on the back of the house. We have also worked in this community many times and almost every year we try to go and visit them if not just for a little heart string tug.

In the beginning Rosa was pretty much a lone survivor of circumstance and a difficult deck of cards. Widow, raising two small children… no job… no income… no hope? God answered her prayers and we answered the call… Today was a columniation of all those things and so much more… As we dined on dinner we discussed the day’s events as many emotional moments presented themselves at the proper and maybe the best opportune time… Best day ever!

Mater’s Finest

Dirk the Spider Monkey

Feliz Hondo

We can build houses, schools and walls, but a wise man named Solomon once said that everything under the sun was vanity with out God. Showing companion for someone by providing a slightly better ways and means is not at all in the least vain, but the compassion shared will go much further than anything that can be bought or built. Unconditional love… Agape… He died for us while we were still sinners… The Incarnate Agape Love of God reveled to all of creation!