Mystic Rhythms

Domingo… A day of rest.

Gracious Senor por a buen dia y los amigos de Honduran y Americano. Amen.

The day began with a few extra minutes of sleep for those who chose to take them, but as for me, I followed my protocal of a morning prayer as days first light peeked thru the window across from room from my bubble. Gathering around the table to break bread as the full commissioned team for one last time… Lama will return home a few days early due to commitments with her professional life away from the missionary field. What a great joy to work with her again and it was such a blessing to have her along for the trip even if a shortened one at that.

We loaded up her luggage into the Bus bound for San Pedro Sula Aeroporta. We said our farewells and good-byes to Lama as she traversed the stairway to the condor’s nest to wait patiently as it was prepared for flight. The team is now shy one key member, but we must carry on… so we did.

The remaining faithful caravanned over to Tela for a relaxing day swimming in the warm Caribbean waters. Nothing like a little sun and fun to clear the melancholy sadness from our eyes.

Gulf of Honduras

Arriving at the beach some of the gringos took off to the water for a swim while others hung out under the shade of the palm trees. Maynor procured a table for the team near the restaurant where we gathered around to decompress and reload for the week head. We were served a sprawl of local seafood with all the trimmings. Some returned to the ocean for another dip, some recounted the moments from the past week while others just sat back and tried to rest… in the 93-degree heat of the mid-day.

Senor Jefe wrangled everyone in around 3pm to travel back to the Federation compound for a lite evening snack before we went to sleep. Super Mario Francisco behind the wheel of the bus weaving… darting in and out of traffic going so low on the apron of the curves his crew chief came across the radio in a scolding tone to save the tires for the long journey. Mid way thru the trek we received a coded message from the Lama that she had arrived in Atlanta safe and secure and was awaiting her next flight to the Queen City. God Speed Lama see you soon.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle