Fire on the Mountain

Today began on a slower pace for some reason… maybe the lag of the off day was still present in our blood flow or the reality of our body being stressed under the grueling climate of Honduras has finally set in. Our weather pattern at home consist of 4 distinct seasons… two which are pleasant, except for seasonal allergies and two with extreme differences of temperatures, but here there is really no relief from the oppressive humidity and the heat index for most of the calendar year. Therefore, in my opinion we are not built to take this for a long period of time… hence, the thought and my complaint.

Moving forward…Recaping the daily activities of our Lamaless team, we again ventured up to Laguna del Carmen to complete the block work on the mooking wall. Chief building inspector Senor Danela scrutinized the work that was preformed on Saturday while he was not there to keep watch. Two thumbs up he said… but our greatest fear came to reality when he said, “Man… I’ve been thinking”… big sigh in the crowd, the change order had been placed to add another layer of block on top of what we have already done. We scrambled to rearrange the death trap 2000 scaffolding to reach the unbelievable heights and satisfy his desires of recreating the tower of babble… I call it this because he just seems to babble on and on.

Finally, after Danela put his stamp of approval on the block work, we began to form the walls for the second pour for reinforcement. Understanding that this process is a tedious step in the construction process, Dirk seemed to struggle nailing some boards together to form the corner… AM of the day award.

1Forming work continues

2AM of the Day

All hands-on deck for the Mooking fiesta that began around 2 pm local time. The buckets were filled to the brim… we struggled to lift them above our heads…our muscles quivered in distress for lack of hydration and exhaustion. By 4 pm the pour was complete, the team prayed with the children and all locals gathered with some translation from our friends. We packed up and headed down the mountain… sort of anyway.


4Pouring the Mook

We ventured back to Terre Armarilla to visit with the friends we made last year while building a new kitchen for the school… that is another story to be told…. Hondo along with some good friends Big Tom and Tori brought gifts to an especially needy family in the community. They welcomed us into their home for a brief visit and good news spread that Ezekiel accepted Christ as his savior! What a blessing. I want to sing out the old hymn “Go tell it on the Mountain” as we dined at the school on coconuts, doughnuts and coffee.

The sun was sinking rapidly below the crest of the mountain tops as we pulled off into a cloudy ploom. Traversing down into the middle of a controlled burn on the mountain side. We made it thru unharmed but smoked no the less. Arriving back at the compound we dined on a delicious meal prepared by our cooks and spent some quality time with Darling… she is an AP student that has been sponsored by Senor Jefe’s parents for many years. It is always a blessing to see her thru the years and watch her grow up. Good night for now, Hasta Manana.

5Runner-up Am of the Day… Shade Squatter Senor Jefe


Marco Francisco Valle Valle