The Pass

Today we finished our adventure in Laguna del Carmen and the mooking wall project. In my estimation we should have finished sooner, but we finished in God’s time. It may have been time we needed to connect further with the community and their leaders. I am not sure if we are the first federation group to do construction work there or not. It is my experience that when a group of strangers arrives in a village or town, people are taken a back some what and not sure where their place is or ours as a matter of fact.  The last couple of days they have gotten use to us as much as we have them. We have been served café and bread by some ladies and that has broken down some walls while we have tried to build one to protect their kindergarten building. In the end the kingdom of God is what is truly being built. No matter your political faction, race, gender or nationality, His grace is for all who will receive. We have accepted the call to go forth into all nations and share the Kings desire…  To share the good news that He is Risen!



Marco Francisco Valle Valle