New World Man

With only a couple of days to go here in the land of Honey dew, we began a new project that will take quite some time to finish… more time than we have on our visas and in the patience of our families to complete.  We are literally laying the ground work for the next group or the next people to build upon…

We assisted Daniela with a new school addition that required much mook…. AM of the day award goes to the Mook!  Thankfully we were able to procure the Federation Mook Mixing Machine today… For if not, I dare say we would have all expired from a heat stroke!  Senor Jefe, Senor Mater and Marco Francisco and an assist from Quanda an the machine all day long. That thing was gobbled up the sand, lime and cement mixture like a hungry hungry hippo!  In my best estimation we mixed about 9 yards of concrete in that thing today. Am drove the truck to and fro, Hondo slung it with a shovel, Que pasa, Dirk, JJ and Casey dug, poured, gathered rocks and assisted where ever they could to fill the void in the ground with a firm base to start laying blocks on tomorrow.  By 5 pm local time we had completed about 80% of the foundations, but it was enough to start laying blocks.

After a quick clean up at the compound, we headed over to Gloria’s hoime for a good ole fashion home cooked meal. This is the second year that we have been invited to spend an evening with her. As always it is good to share in laughs and joys with those who have impacted our lives greater than we have theirs.  Time for some shut eye, Blogmaster AM is working on the final episode for this year… Stayed tuned for another edition of How the Blog is Done! Good night.



Marco Francisco Valle Valle