Natural Science

The pre dawn thunderstorm this morning awakened all those who slumber in this nest together. As I lay awake listening to the crackle of lighting, I wondered if we would be able to work on the job site at Los Hornes school. By zero dawn thirty the clouds gave way to the morning sun that rapidly created a sauna bath across the valley. A quick bite to eat and a short hop to Penelejo to continue to pour mook and lay blocks. Much to our supprise there was some additional help from some parents of children, a local block mason and 4 guys from the local military base to offer assistance in todays activities.  The military guys moved the block pile from the gate to the outer edges of the foundation, team gringo began laying the blocks across the front of the building while the locals laid some down the sides.  The Military guys also took over the Mook Master 9000 to supply the others in pouring the foundation. Early in the afternoon we came to a good place to stop working… Praise Jesus because I think the Gringos gas tank was running on fumes from the heat today.

We packed up and headed back to the ranch to gather supplies for our afternoon project in Teherrias.  After assisting Sandra in feeding the kids at the church, the American’s walked along the slippery slope of CA 4 passing out rice and beans to all those who lived in the community.  We then returned to the compound to dine on Pizza from Tony’s pizza joint. Some stayed to pack bags for the return trip home tomorrow and other went to the trinket shop in La Flecha to purchase some last minute gifts

The day is done and the trip is almost complete, but the saddest part comes in the morning… We will once again have to say farewell to our friends and return home. I am sure everyone will be excited to sleep in their own bed… in some AC and speak a common language that does not require a translator, but a small piece of our hearts will forever remain here in the little village of Qumistan, Santa Barbara, Honduras.  I will shut down for now, but remain calm, B-Rad the Blogmaster himself is coming out of Federation Blog retirement to scribe the epilogue for the team this year. God Bless and good night

Marco Francisco Valle Valle