October 2018 HAF Mission Trip – day 2

A beautiful Sunday in Honduras.  We celebrated God in several ways today.

After breakfast, we met the children of Tejeras for their Sunday School Worship.  The pastor and Sandra led an active and spiritual worship.  Our mission team put on a skit of the Good Samaritan.  I think the children loved it.  Then we helped with a hygiene session with the children (brushing teeth, etc.).  We feed the children lunch before we finished.

After lunch, we visited the Tranquilidad, a home for orphaned or abused young children.  It was wonderful to see how loved and cared for the children are there.  God is definitely looking over Tranquilidad and the children there.

This evening we celebrated the graduating seniors that are in the Agape Promise program.  The program for the 8 graduates included a dance performance by AP students, a pantomime based on Matthew 25:35-40.  Then each graduating senior was recognized for their accomplishments.  It was a fabulous celebration.

What a great day.  God is good!